Spinning - the art of turning fibre into thread using a spindle or a spinning wheel is an ancient craft. Early spinners spun without any tools, and ever since then the tools have been refined and developed over years and years. But even though the tools are modern, electric spinning wheels and drum carders, the actual task of the craft is still the same - using twist to lock fibres together so that they form a thread.
Spinning your own yarn is to have control. This is the stage where the basic character of the textile is formed and it's very difficult to make a thread do something it's not meant to do from the start. A thread can be smooth and strong or fluffy and elastic. It all depends on how the material is prepared and spun.

Most of the time I work in wool, but I also love to spin other fibres like silk, cotton, flax and I've even spun plastic bags from the local grocery store. I also dye the fibre that I spin, using both modern acid exhaust dyes and traditional natural dyes.